14 Days to a Lighter You

First things first. Congratulations on making a decision to improve your health! Now please download our free gift 14 Days to a Lighter You.

You will notice that there is a complete guideline to getting the results you want. Now here is how to get the products that are at the center of this amazing transformational program.

You will need to become an associate which is absolutely free. This gives you access to more information and products to help you along the way if needed. Go to the Associate sign up and get your membership.

You will receive an email with your log in instructions to your personal website. This will allow you to get the deepest discount available.

Once you log in go to your “place order” or “shop” tab and click. You then will need to look for the Non-CBD Health & Nutrition category. Click that then at the bottom of the page is your Weight Maintenance Package options.

The first gives you a full 30 days of these products and the second gives you 60. Now if you are planning to use more of the products each day please take that in consideration. The first package will definitely get you through the 14 day program. Once you see the results you will want more.

I will contact you when you order and put you in some of our facebook groups and show you how, once you get the results you want, to share your experience with others and make a little money. Not bad right?

Look forward to following your journey to a healthier you. Imagine in two weeks how you will feel to have reached your goal.

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